We are recognized internationally among tracking companies, for our infrastructure and technology. Getrak is responsible for the largest database of tracked vehicles in Latin America. In the tracking industry, we are among the largest companies specialized in BIG DATA.
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Our developers and business team have over 15 years of experience in web development.
Getrak is a company that develops BIGDATA, M2M, LBS, and web solutions of georeference with SaaS model in convergent platforms.
  • Tracking companies specialized in vehicles, loads or people
  • Insurer and risk managers
  • Mobile providers and trackers manufacturers
  • Taxi cooperatives and associations
  • Carriers, car rentals, and home security companies.
  • Public institutions (police, fire department and medical transport)
  • Customized system
  • Numerous functions
  • Fleet management reports
  • Integrated logistics
  • Advanced telemetry
  • Preventive Maintenance
Our services are offered through 3 data centers of high availability and 100% mirrored, for total data security and access of our clients.