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It has never been so quick and easy to set up your tracking business.
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Just send us your company logo and we'll set up a pesonalized tracking system in a matter of hour.
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Our implementation team offers training sessions and contact to getrak-aproved supliers to trackers.
Software ativo
Just install the trackers into the vehicles and start monitoring from your own tracking business. That's it!

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The software offers intelligent flow to make the day to day of its central more practical.
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The connectivity of the items connected to Getrak platform is a critical point that should be closely monitored by the operation.
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Getrak Atende

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Have your outsourced monitoring until 1pm for just $ 6 per vehicle
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We offer insurance + tracking platform, insurance and assistance or just prefer to serve 24h assistance.
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Getrak GConnect
Software Personalizado

What you need,
in a personalized way

GETRAK also develops personalized solutions for its cutumers.  We can tailor the platform to your business model. Get in touch to learn more about the
platform and initial investiment plans.
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