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It has never been so quick and easy to set up your tracking business.
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Just send us your company logo and we'll set up a pesonalized tracking system in a matter of hour.
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Our implementation team offers training sessions and contact to getrak-aproved supliers to trackers.
Software ativo
Just install the trackers into the vehicles and start monitoring from your own tracking business. That's it!
Tracking Business
Complete System
We offer advanced telemetry, integrated logistics, routing, preventive maintenance, driver stats, risk management, online reports, and much more in just one platform. All accessible through web browsers and mobile apps.
Low Cost
The platform is 100% web-based and operates through our datacenters. Find the best solution for your tracking business without having to invest in local servers, IT professionals or developers.
If you are new to the tracking business, we offer technical support and full training for your team. If you are already in the tracking industry, we offer full support in migrating your devices to our platform.
Security and Performance
GETRAK is the only company in the industry to offer latest generation datacenters and Tier III certification. All of our datacenters are equipped with server clusters of high performance and availability to offer professional security to your business.
Insurance companies
Control and Management of Insured Property
We offer full-control of your insured vehicles through real-time monitoring, 24 hours a day. You can monitor alerts, lock vehicles, and manage risks of insured vehicles. All of this, offered through a user-friendly web-based platform.
Large Volumes
We are one of the largest BIG DATA companies of Latin America and we are prepared for the growth of your business. We currently manage hundreds of thousands of vehicles with leading market performance and advanced data centers that are TIER III certified.
Driver Behaviour
The Getrak platform generates reports for each vehicle, providing important data for the insurer, such as: driver behavior, timetables and frequented locations. This feature allows to trace the behavior and risk profile of each insured vehicle.
Pay as You Drive
Create new services and products and expand your customer base. With the Getrak system you can develop new forms of insurance and protection, based on property use. Create personalized coverage based on customer usage and offer better deals that meet the needs of each client.
Residential security
Expand your business
With the Getrak monitoring platform in place, you can expand your business to cover and monitor anything from cargo to pets, and even elderly family members. It’s quick, simple and requires little investment.
Increase your sales
Broaden your market share in the security market. With Getrak platform you take advantage of the infrastructure (monitoring central, team of installers, commercial department and technical support) already in place to offer more services to your clients. You bill more and provide even more security solutions to your customers.
Low Cost
The platform is 100% web-based and operates through our datacenters. Find the best solution for your tracking business without having to invest in local servers, IT professionals or developers. We offer quick installation and full training for your team.
Security and Performance
Information confidentiality and performance are key factors to the success of your business. Getrak is the only company to offer three professional and latest generation data centers that are TIER III certified and offer 99.98% of availability.
Expansion the fleet
Taxi base growth during the pilot project from 200 to 350 vehicles.
*Results at 6 months of operation.
Increase race
60% increase in the volume of races / month per taxi driver.
* Results at 6 months of operation.
Reduction of the time
Average service time reduction of running 14min to 3,5min.
* Results at 6 months of operation.
Increase in revenues
Real growth of 120% in sales of the cooperative.
* Results at 6 months of operation.

Tracking Business

Save with our low-cost services and earn discounts as your business grows.
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Secure <br>Auto Safecar

Auto Safecar

Its core will now expand the business platform and strengthening the know-how in providing security Vehicle Insurance.
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Seguradoras e associações

Insurance companies

Follow in real time where your services are being carried out and direct them strategically, targeting security and economy.
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Software Dispatch

Facilitates both the client and for the service provider, offering better management of their fleets.
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Software Dispatch
Software Personalizado

What you need,
in a personalized way

GETRAK also develops personalized solutions for its cutumers.  We can tailor the platform to your business model. Get in touch to learn more about the
platform and initial investiment plans.
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