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The Impact of Resolution 245 Contran market tracking

Change culture of Brazilian companies that start to see the solutions as a way to reduce costs, as well as mandating the use of trackers from December that tend to further boost the segments in the coming years.

Enacted Resolution 245 Contran - National Traffic Council of 27 July 2007, all new vehicles produced in Brazil or imported, can only be traded when equipped with antitheft device, which should be provided with the system enabling blocking and vehicle tracking.

Created to meet the Complementary Law 121, which created the National System for Prevention, Control and Repression of Theft and Robbery Vehicle and Cargo, Resolution 245 provides that Contran from December this year 2011, 100% of the vehicle fleet new factory in Brazil will come with the device installed. With this, companies that develop solutions for tracking and monitoring of vehicles are excited about the market prospects for the coming years.

Another aspect that makes the most promising market, the companies said, is to change the culture from shippers and logistics operators, who have to realize that the Telemetry is a technology that can add numerous benefits such as increased productivity and cost reduction by providing tight control over everything that involves operations.

The technology is developing at a very fast pace, thus offering solutions that meet the needs of enterprises and logistics management. With this expansion in the use of technology in tracking and monitoring of vehicles from the corporate market, which uses not only the safety but also aimed at reducing costs and increasing productivity.

GETRAK innovates and offers new central monitoring system focused on

Meet the new tracking software for power. See how their high performance and ease of use can help with your routine.

The new GETRAK software is a complete solution for those who want to enter a niche vehicle tracking, risk management controls and fleet vehicles.

The software supports a larger number of modules approved market monitoring, safer and more infrastructure.

Always innovating and using the latest technology, the system has GETRAK integration with mobile devices: iPhone, iPad and Android.

Check out the benefits of the acquisition of our system:

• Full control of the fleet;
• History of vehicles;
• General organization;
• Management points of importance;
• Asset Tracking fences break;
• Prevention of auto mechanics,
• Monitoring and reporting of alert and intelligent routing.

The GETRAK developed a user-friendly interface and fast learning for your convenience, which facilitates the location and safety of all customers. And has a team available to answer any questions about the system.

The whole system is controlled through the Internet with the best technology and the lowest cost in the details of the market.The system modules are available in the online documentation. Request a demo.

GETRAK launches new system for tracking vehicles in 2011 EXPOSEC

The EXPOSEC - International Security, has further enhanced its goal of stimulating the market for electronic security, thus surpass all expectations and projections in its fourteenth edition, which took place between February 24 and May 26.

The success of this year was characterized by both high organization and structure provided by those responsible for the event, as the good participation of exhibitors segments of fleet tracking, monitoring and security of vehicles, people and homes. These innovative products presented through creative booth attendants and well articulated.

According to Frederick Menegatti - Commercial Director GETRAK. The return was higher than expected. Launching a product at a fair of this magnitude and have come out with contracts signed is really amazing.

Visitors present at the booth showed interest GETRAK surprising solution by showing that our development work and direction of the market is on track. Affirms Alexandre Guido - Product Manager.

Always with the premise accomplish great partnerships and solutions for power tracking, the GETRAK presented in its complete and modern stand, its new version of web system for monitoring and vehicle tracking. System developed specifically to meet the fleet management risk, with features that offer a more detailed and agile management.

Thus was marked more strategic and meaningful participation of GETRAK in such an important event for the market of central tracking and risk management.

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